Liquid Gold Aroma - 10ml - Tray 20 Pack

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Liquid Gold Aroma - 10ml - Tray 20 Pack

Get ready to meet the room aroma that is taking the UK by storm. Introducing Liquid Gold poppers – here to give you an unforgettable and incredibly powerful experience! These best-selling 10ml bottles will leave you feeling energized and ready for a night of adventure. Keep them in your pocket, take them out to parties, clubs, saunas, and even hookups. A bottle of Liquid Gold means you can try whatever it is that you're experimenting with today!

Ingredients: Isopropyl Nitrite (CAS 541-42-4)

Liquid Gold Aroma - 10ml - Tray 20 Pack

If you're looking for a popper that packs a powerful punch in a practical size, Liquid Gold 10ml poppers are the answer! These bestselling room aromas are perfect for adding an extra buzz to parties, clubs, saunas, and hook-ups.

Forget low quality or short-lived effects: this is Liquid Gold – super strong, long lasting and ready to give you the reliability and confidence you need. Men and women all over the UK can't get enough of these pleasure-boosting poppers - if their power doesn't leave you coming back for more, nothing will! 

But don't forget about their convenient size; each compact bottle fits nicely into your pocket, ready to join you on any exciting adventure. And it's not just work hard play hard enthusiasts who can appreciate them either; they’re perfect when experimenting with new techniques as well. Spice up your sex life with liquid gold! But no matter where you take them, make sure to keep them stored in a cool place so they stay fresh much longer. 

Available in a tray of 20 x 10ml bottles or a single 25ml bottle - however much you choose we ship anywhere in the UK.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Liquid Gold now and experience an intensity like no other!

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