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They say 3 is a crowd, well not at this Strong Poppers Shop, in fact we sell plenty of 3 packs. There are many brands to choose from and we do our level best to stock only those poppers that are potent and strong.
We get all our poppers directly from the manufacturer to ensure you get the freshest stock available. It is our aim to keep the time between the production and you getting your order as short as possible providing you with the very best and potent products.
As mentioned in other areas of this store the best-sellers are Berlin XXX, Power Rush, Red Bullet, Jungle Juice, Raw XXX, Pig Red and Fist. But, do not forget some of our other very strong brands such as Original, Potent Blue, Leather Cleaner, Blue Boy, Amsterdam and Pentyl Poppers. Overall, we sell more 25ml bottles compared to the smaller 10ml and 15ml bottles.
If you are unsure what 3-pack to buy, we also have mixed popper packs in our shop. Here you will find 3 different brands in one pack, a great way to try out new brands. It is also cheaper than buying 3 single bottles. To get the most out of your poppers we recommend that you store them in a very cool dark place, especially once the bottle has been opened.
We ship our poppers all over the UK and have many regular buyers that keep coming back which I guess is a big compliment to our products and customer service. Talking about service, we have a great team that is more than happy to talk to you or answer any questions by email. If you have any questions or want some advice please feel free to contact us, we are here to help.
The office is closed during the weekend. Now, enjoy your shopping experience and we hope you find the product you are looking for. 

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We are here to help, if you have any queries please contact us.

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