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Some of the best-selling products in our store contain Pentyl. This formula does the trick and will provide you with all the effects you are after. If you have not tried these yet we would recommend you buy a bottle. We have several suppliers for these bad boys and all of them have been well received. The Twisted Beast Pentyl Poppers range is one of the best-selling brands in our store. Rush and English are also in high demand, so you are spoilt for choice.

What makes Pentyl Poppers so strong?

This really is the million-pound question, and the answer is rather unclear. Besides having different ingredients to some of the other poppers, the aim is very much the same as all the other room aromas. It also must be said that not everybody is a big fan. The only way to find out if these are for you is to try them. Hopefully, you will be a big fan and we can welcome you to the Pentyl lovers’ family. Please leave a product review afterwards. Your experiences are great for customers to base their decision on. We use the information to see what you like which in turn impacts our new product buying strategy.

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