Twisted Beast Poppers

Twisted Beast Poppers

If you are after a hardcore aroma brand, then you have found it. Twisted Beast poppers are up there with Berlin XXX, Power Rush, Red Bullet and a few others. It packs a real punch, and we have many satisfied customers who bought this product.

Discover the Twisted Beast Poppers Range.

This collection comes with a great variety. One of the most popular bottles from the Twister Beast poppers range is the Skull bottle. It comes in the shape of a 24ml Skull and contains a powerful formula. In addition to the Skull, they have 10ml, 18ml and 24ml bottles.  We often get asked which is the strongest Twisted Beast popper but that is hard to say as people like different things. What might help is knowing that the 24ml square bottle is the best-selling one. It also has the most repeat orders which is a good sign. The best way to find out is to try a variety of them.

We hope you enjoy our Twisted Beast poppers. Please leave a product review, this is of great value to us and other potential customers. To make your shopping experience better we have also added some other brands on the page that people who like Twisted Beast have also bought.

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