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Welcome to the 5-pack area of our Strong Poppers Shop. On this page, we have a great selection of strong poppers all in 5 packs. In terms of Popper value packs 5 seems to be the sweet spot as we sell more 5 packs than any other value pack. I think this is because the value-for-money balance is perfect here. 10 bottles might be to many for some, even though they work out cheaper per bottle. 5 seems to be the perfect amount to have and we always have some sort of offer on the 5 packs.
As always Berlin XXX is the best-seller but the Power Rush, Red Bullet and Jungle Juice are not too far behind. When it comes to the 10ml bottle the Power Rush is the best seller closely followed by RAW XXX. Blue Boy, Pig Red, Fist and Original are also very popular.
We always suggest to anyone who buys value packs in our Poppers Shop please store the product in a cool dark place to ensure it stays potent for longer. This is especially true for opened bottles but we recommend storing all bottles in a cold place, like a fridge.
For those who want to make sure that you always get the best value, we would suggest you sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. We will email you with product promotions or other exiting news like new popper brands. To ensure you get your order as soon as possible we ship all orders that are placed before 14.00 on a weekday the same day.

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