Rush XXL Aroma - 25ml - 5 Pack

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Rush XXL Aroma - 25ml - 5 Pack,

Ready for an amazing night? Rush XXL poppers super strength are here! Our popular UK formula is the perfect way to take your night out (or in) up a notch! With this 25ml-5 pack of poppers, you'll be feeling the rush for hours with this long lasting and extra-strength blend. 

Ingredients: Isopropyl Nitrite (CAS 541-42-4)

Rush XXL Aroma - 25ml - 5 Pack.

Get ready for the ultimate rush with Rush XXL poppers super strength! This powerful blend of UK formula room aromas is sure to give you a long-lasting experience that no other popper product can offer.

Our mix of ingredients and superior quality makes these super strength Rush XXL poppers absolute top-of-the-line when it comes to pleasure and performance.

Whether you need an extra hit during a night out, or just something to keep your party going, these poppers will definitely do the trick.

This is our cost saving 5 packs, so you can stock up and never run out! Plus, our special 10 ml bottles make them perfect for on-the-go use anywhere, anytime.

So don't wait any longer - get your hands on the superior power of Rush XXL poppers super strength today!

Perfect for UK customers only who want a powerful experience and we are only shipping within the UK itself.

Store your poppers safely in a cool place to keep them fresher for longer – because why shouldn’t you get the best?

Get yours now!

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