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After many years of selling poppers in the UK we have learned that most customers buy poppers in value packs. We assume there are 2 reasons this, firstly a single bottle might not be enough certainly if you buy a smaller 10ml bottle. The last thing you want is to run out of your favourite poppers whilst having a good time. Secondly, it might have to do something with the cost. The value packs on our poppers shop are always discounted so you will save money each time you buy. When it comes to the shipping cost it also makes a lot of sense to buy value packs bringing the overall cost down even further.

We offer every single popper brand in 3 and 5 packs and for the best-selling brands we also have 10 packs and trays. There are 20 bottles in a tray. We work on the principle that the bigger the multi pack the more you save. To make sure your poppers last as long as possible we suggest that you store them in a dark cold place. The fridge is ideal for storing them, just make sure only you have access.

In the navigation, you will be able to find the various value pack options so have a look around to find the brand you are after. If you are not sure what to buy, we can tell you that the best-selling poppers are Berlin XXX, Power Rush, Raw, Red Bullet, Jungle Juice, Pig Red/Yellow, Liquid Gold and our Pentyl Poppers range. We ship all our parcels securely and if you order on a weekday before 14.00 it will get dispatched the same day.

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