Liquid Gold Aroma - 10ml - 10 Pack

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Liquid Gold Aroma - 10ml - 10 Pack

Unleash your wild side with Liquid Gold poppers! With this 10ml 10 pack, you can take the ultimate party companion wherever you go and experience its captivating effects. These super popular poppers will leave you feeling empowered and ready for action no matter what type of adventure you find yourself in.

Ingredients: Isopropyl Nitrite (CAS 541-42-4)

Liquid Gold Aroma - 10ml - 10 Pack

Unleash explosive intensity with Liquid Gold poppers! This bestselling UK brand is known the world-wide and will fulfill all your wildest expectations. So why wait when you can just grab a bottle (or a 10-pack!) of Liquid Gold poppers and start exploring?

Whether you’re out partying, at the club, or just ready to spice up things in the bedroom – these pungent little bottles of pleasure are your secret weapon. Our 10ml bottles are discrete but powerful, and taking them before bedtime makes it easier to try different positions.

If you really want to go hard, take our larger 25ml bottle for maximum sustained effects.

Liquid Gold poppers aren’t just good for exploring sex – they keep the party going with their long lasting effects and strong aromas.

You can trust this high quality product for whatever room freshening purpose you need.

Best of all - store them in a cool place and they’ll stay fresh far longer!

Don't hesitate – stock up now on bestsellers Liquid Gold poppers, only available via shipments within the UK!

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