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Variety is the spice of life I think the saying goes. Well, with that in mind, on this page you with find plenty of popper combinations that will spice up your life properly. We have made some great combinations of strong poppers to ensure you can have an amazing time. If you prefer Pentyl Poppers go to that specific section in the navigation.

A variety popper pack is a great way to test out new brands without spending too much money. You get 3 different brands in a pack and as always, multi-packs get bigger discounts than single bottles.

Some of our variety packs have come from the feedback of customers. Others are based on best-seller status. For example, our Berlin XXX-Fist-Power Rush variety pack consist of 3 of our best-selling poppers. It will come as no surprise that this is also our most popular variety pack. Other popper packs that are in demand are:

  • Power Rush – Liquid Gold – Rush XXL
  • Berlin XXX – Potent Blue – Xtreme Power
  • Mini fist-Raw-Berlin xxx
  • Pig Red – Pig Yellow
  • Potent Blue – Red Bullet
  • Top – Bottom

Have a look around and we hope you find the perfect pack for you, enjoy.

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