Raw-Reds-Rush 10ml Multi

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Unleash your inner power and sensations with Raw-Reds-Rush 10ml popper Multi pack! Perfectly blended together, this multi-pack comes with three powerful poppers: RAW XXX, Reds, and Rush Aroma. Choose any one that suits your taste and experience the unprecedented intensity of these formulas like it never before.

Whether you’re after an unforgettable sauna experience or just looking to spruce up a party night, Raws-Reds-Rush 10ml popper Multi Pack lets you have all the fun without breaking your bank!

Feel free to explore each aromas to find which works best for you and get active on new levels!

Raw-Reds-Rush 10ml Multi Ingredients: Isopropyl Nitrite (CAS 541-42-4). One of our top selling 10ml 3 packs.

If you're looking for the ultimate hit when it comes to poppers, the Raw-Reds-Rush 10ml popper Multi Pack is a must have! This pack is carefully crafted with 3 of our strongest formulas and designed to send your fetish play and pleasure into overdrive. It's a favourite of our most adventurous clients and combines old faithful Rush with Raw XXX and Reds, which includes a powerful pellet for extra durability.

Our unique 10ml packaging makes this ideal for parties, saunas, or hook ups - just make sure to store them in a cool place to ensure they remain strong!

Our raw XXX popper packs a major punch. Not only does it boast an impressive design, but its power really can't be beat for hardcore play.

Reds poppers are no stranger to fun, either! This little devil will have you big time enjoying all the action whether you've tried them before or not. Plus, with their power pellets, these 10ml bottles will leave you feeling the strength long after your experience has finished. And we can't forget Rush Aroma poppers - ultra strong and super popular among people who love more from their room aromas.

Once you try these bad boys out you'll understand what all the fuss is about! If that's still not enough power rush for you though, take a look at Power Rush too - guaranteed to bring your party times up another notch!. So don't miss out on any adventure and get your hands on this incredible multi pack today - it's going fast so act now!

This multi-pack consists of :

1 x Raw 10ml

1 x Reds 10ml

1 x Rush 10ml

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