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Make the night more exciting and adventurous with our Berlin-Pig Red-Bears - 3 Pack Poppers Multi! Whether you’re a seasoned popper addict or just starting out on your wild nighttime journey, this multipack has exactly what you need. It includes three of our most popular and powerful brands—Berlin XXX Poppers, Pig Red, and Bears Own—at an unbeatable price.

And when you decide to buy from us at Berlin-Pig Red-Bears, we guarantee your discretion – none of our company names or package contents are shown on the return envelope. We also ship quickly with each bottle in the three pack carefully wrapped in protective bubble wrap before being sent off in a heavy-duty jiffy bag envelope straight to your door!

Get ready for a truly wild evening with Berlin-Pig Red-Bears - 3 Pack Poppers Multi today!

Ingredients: Isopropyl Nitrite (CAS 541-42-4)

Get ready for some seriously potent pleasure with the Berlin-Pig Red-Bears 3 Pack Poppers Multi! Explore your wildest fantasies and let loose uninhibited with this carefully curated selection of strong poppers. Our multipack offers triple the fun, containing three of our most popular formulas: Berlin XXX Poppers, Pig Red Liquid Gold and Bears Own.

For those looking to explore popper heaven, Berlin XXX is the way to go. With an extra-strong formula that’ll get you skyrocketing into clouds of pleasure, it’s the most popular blend in our collection. Pig Red liquid gold is a newly released powerful blend with incredibly positive reviews for its ability to supplement hardcore lifestyles with heightened effects. For those who appreciate an extra strong kick accompanied by a stylish aroma, Bears Own poppers are perfect - their large chic bottle making them stand out from all other brands on the market.

Discretion is imperative for us here, which is why we makes sure that neither our name nor contents are displayed on any external or internal packaging - you’re guaranteed complete privacy throughout every step of your journey.

To ensure you receive your package as fast as possible we securely wrap each bottle inside bubble wrap before posting it inside a super durable mailbag envelope!

What more could you want? Come join us on this adventure today!

Ingredients: Isopropyl Nitrite (CAS 541-42-4)

This Multi Pack consists of the following bottles:

1 x Berlin 25ml

1 x Pig Red 25ml

1 x Bears 25ml

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