Liquid Gold-Rush-Throb Hard Multi

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If you’re looking for an explosive pleasure experience, then the Liquid Gold-Rush Throb Hard Aromas 3 Pack Poppers Multi is for you! With each bottle giving off super strength poppers, you can be sure it will leave you feeling great throughout the night. Our bestselling popper multipack really packs a punch - no wonder it's so popular!

So don’t let any other poppers stand in your way – get your hands on the Liquid Gold-Rush Thrill Hard Aromas 3 Pack Poppers Multi now and embark on the most thrilling and enjoyable adventure yet.

Ingredients: Isopropyl Nitrite (CAS 541-42-4)

Exploring the wild side of pleasure? Take your experience to the next level with the Liquid Gold-Rush-Throb Hard 3 Pack Poppers! This powerful and long-lasting multipack will keep you in a state of euphoria all night long. Make sure you’re always ready for an adventurous night out!

Behind this multipack is Rush Aroma Super Strength, one of the most potent poppers on the market. It's perfect for those moments when you require something with a little more oomph than the usual product. From the moment it hits you, you’ll understand why it’s so popular – it will have you throbbing like never before!

It doesn't matter whether you're male or female, young or old; Liquid Gold-Rush-Throb Hard 3 Pack Poppers can take your fetish play experience to a whole new level. These poppers provide an intense aroma that'll leave both you and your partner satisfied. Plus, they come in discreet 10ml bottles that easily fit into your pocket or bag.

Get ready for one unforgettable night with Liquid Gold-Rush-Throb Hard 3 Pack Poppers!

This multi-pack consists of :

 1 x Liquid Gold 10ml

1 x Rush 10ml

1 x Throb Hard 10ml

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