Liquid Gold XXL Aroma - 25ml

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Liquid Gold XXL Aroma - 25ml

Get an extra-large rush of pleasure with Liquid Gold XXL poppers. This 25ml bottle is packed with our world-renowned popper formula – the perfect choice for any party or wild night on the town. The iconic Liquid Gold logo has been lighting up the British scene since way back, delivering tight rives that make every moment golden and electric. 

Ingredients: Isopropyl Nitrite (CAS 541-42-4)

Liquid Gold XXL Aroma - 25ml

Introducing the incredible Liquid Gold XXL Poppers. If you’ve been looking for an awesome popper, look no further! This bumper sized 25ml bottle of poppers is packed full of oomph and can be enjoyed time and time again without ever losing its edge. Not only will it last you longer than ever before, but the brand Liquid Gold is tried and tested by many people who swear by just how amazing it is. 

Have absolute confidence that our poppers give you the purest rush imaginable, because we only use the highest quality ingredients to make sure all our customers get the best possible experience when they use us! We aren’t like some other brands that put out bottles containing low-grade liquid…ours are designed to flood your senses with immense energy and powerful sensations! 

Our customers from around the UK love this product for just how reliable and trustworthy it is. While this XXL version has a larger capacity than most on the market, if 25ml isn't quite what you're after then why not try out our 10ml bottle – perfect for those evenings where you fancy more of a light refreshment. 

Keep your poppers as fresh as possible by storing them in a cool place whenever you can. You’ll be glad you did once it comes to opening up your favourite 25ml bottle or 10ml!

So don't waste any time - join the rest of our UK fans today and see why Liquid Gold is still one of Britain's most popular popper brands of choice.

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