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Want to save some money?  Then buying trays is the way forward. Buying in bulk will provide you with the best value deals in this store. Each popper tray has 20 bottles for your enjoyment.  This should keep you going for a while, unless you have a massive party of course. Before you commit to a tray of poppers, we always advice that you make sure you buy a brand that you know you love and have used before. We would like to avoid disappointment. Fortunately, all the brands in our store have a fan base so you can hardly go wrong. In addition, we have testers that make sure we only sell poppers that adhere to some strict quality regulations.

Looking after a popper tray

When buying large quantities of poppers please make sure you look after them properly. If you want to keep your products strong and effective, we suggest the following:

  • Keep your popper tray in a cold dark place.
  • Don’t expose to sunlight
  • Keep out of warm rooms
  • The best place to store your tray is in a fridge or even a freezer.

Keep a bottle in your room or take it with you and keep the remainder stored as above.

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